Pur Ion Technology General Overview

The Pur Ion Technology is based on low-pressure plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Plasma is an ionized gas and part of our everyday lives observed in fluorescent lamps, Neon lights and some flat panel displays. The plasma is comprised of ions, electrons and reactive molecules. Pur Ion Technology is a patented technology that uses the electrons, ions and molecules in a low-pressure plasma to produce a unique surface coating on the inside of plastic bottles, cups and trays. The surface that results from the Pur Ion Technology provides a barrier layer between the plastic bottle and the foods that are put inside.

The Pur Ion surface coating has been allowed by the FDA for direct food contact in primary food and beverage packaging and is currently used today in multiple applications. The surface is inert and although it is very thin, can be rinsed and washed on the top rack of a dishwasher.

How it Protects your Baby

The surface that results from the patented Pur Ion Technology provides a barrier layer between the plastic bottle and the foods that are put inside. Plastic is comprised of many different chemicals at varying levels from the parts per trillion (ppt) to milligrams (mg). Recently, considerable attention has been given to Bisphenol A (BPA). However, there are many additional materials at varying levels that are leaching out of the plastic material, especially when the plastic is heated. Pur Ion Technology was developed to eliminate the leaching of these materials into the foods and liquids put inside of plastic. Thus, our products prevent the transfer of these harmful materials to your baby.

The Chemistry Behind Our Patented Process

The patented process takes place at a pressure 1000 times lower than the pressure around us, which allows the exact control of the chemistry to produce our unique surface coating. We use silicon and oxygen (the main components of glass) to create our unique surface and since it is VERY thin (approximately 40 molecules). It stretches, flexes and moves in the same way as the plastic base material. Since we are also using the electrons and ions to modify the plastic surface, we are able to create a bond between the polymer and the surface coating. This results in an exceptional adhesion between the two materials so that the surface coating will not delaminate. The way that Pur Ion Technology uses the ions and electrons also "hardens" the polymer surface, as well as the surface coating, so that it stops large molecules from diffusing through.  

The surface coating, in addition to the surface hardening, provides a diffusion barrier between the plastic and the food or liquid inside of the bottle. The surface coating also stops diffusion of the flavors and colors from the foodstuffs into the plastic. The Pur Ion Technology’s ability to stop leachate, flavors and colors from diffusing out of and/or into the plastic is the reason that Innovative Plasma Technology is excited to bring the Better Bottle into the marketplace.

The Future of Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups

Going forward, we believe that Pur Ion Technology will allow the use of any plastic material, most importantly 100% consumer-recycled material, to be used in bottles and food storage containers. We are committed to moving the industry in this direction, which would provide a sustainable system where oil is no longer required to fabricate new plastics for primary applications.

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